Communication with Students

Resources and strategies for efficient communication with your students.

Course Assignments and Assessments

Resources and strategies for creating effective course assignments in Canvas.

Create Academic Recordings

Faculty guidance and resources for creating academic recordings.

Create Accessible Courses

Faculty guidance and resources on ensuring accessibility in Canvas.

Delivering Instructions During Inclement Weather

Essential information and resources related to virtual instruction during weather responses and campus closures.

Plagiarism Checking Software (TurniItIn)

Faculty guidance and resources for checking submitted work for plagiarism.

Poll Everywhere

Effectively integrate Poll Everywhere, a real-time audience engagement platform, into their academic activities.

Share Academic Recordings

Faculty instructions for sharing academic recordings.

Using Canvas to Deliver Course Content

Resources to effectively navigate and utilize Canvas for academic purposes.

Zoom for Instruction

Resources for effectively utilizing Zoom for academic purposes, facilitating seamless online learning experiences.

Zoom Polls

Using Zoom Polls to enhance engagement and interaction during online classes.