Office of Instructional Technology

The Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) offers comprehensive support for learning, teaching, and communication technologies, including platforms such as Canvas and Zoom for interactive learning experiences, Poll Everywhere and TurnItIn for enhanced teaching practices, MyLaw for streamlined communication, and production services encompassing video creation to elevate classroom and media content. With a focus on optimizing the integration of these tools, the OIT ensures seamless access to diverse media resources and reliable classroom technology for an enriched educational environment.

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Communication Technology

Explore communication resources tailored for seamless collaboration within GW Law, including Digital Signage, GW Law Email, the MyLaw communication portal, and Zoom for Student Orgs.

Event Technology Services

Explore resources and guidance on AV services to support event needs, obtain and distribute event recordings, and utilize Zoom effectively for seamless virtual experiences at GW Law.

Learning Technology

GW Law's comprehensive resources, including guidance on accessing class recordings, utilizing Canvas effectively, Zoom for academic purposes, and leveraging Ally to enhance course material accessibility.

Media & Classroom Services

Explore resources and information for dedicated support for Law School classroom technology and audiovisual needs.

Production Services

Access facilities and support for high-quality video content creation at GW Law.

Teaching Technology

Discover faculty resources tailored for enhancing student learning, featuring guidance on effectively using Canvas, creating academic recordings, and leveraging other instructional technology tools.