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Health Law

The promotion and preservation of U.S. public health is the focus of this guide.

About Health Law

Health Law:  "A statute, ordinance, or code that prescribes sanitary standards and regulations for the purpose of promoting and preserving the community's health."    
            Source: Black's Law Dictionary (11th ed., 2019).

"Public health law includes laws (e.g., constitutional, statutory, regulatory, judicial), legal processes, or policies at every level of government (e.g., federal, tribal, state, local) that:
1. are primarily designed to assure the conditions for people to be healthy; or
2. concern structural or rights-based limitations on the powers of government to act in the interests of communal health."

Source: James G. Hodge, Jr., Public Health Law In a Nutshell, at 15-16 (2022).


Health Law Research Databases

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