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Clean Water Act (CWA)

A guide to the federal Clean Water Act (CWA).

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Search by Keyword

Useful keywords for searching within library catalogs, databases, and websites for information related to the clean water act include:

[Note: Using " " will retrieve content containing an exact phrase.]

  • antidegradation
  • biocriteria / "biological water quality"
  • "clean water"
  • "direct hydrological connection"
  • "effluent guidelines"
  • "fairly traceable" / "groundwater discharges" / "surface water'
  • "impaired waters" / "water pollution"
  • "national pollutant discharge elimination system" / NPDES
  • "navigable waters"
  • "point source" / "nonpoint source" / "nonpoint pollution"
  • "section 404 permits"
  • "stormwater discharges" / "stormwater pollution"
  • "total maximum daily load" / TMDL
  • "unitary waters"
  • "wastewater standards"
  • "water law" / "water rights"
  • "water quality" / "water quality standards" / "water quality criteria"
  • "waters of the US" / WOTUS / "nation's waters
  • watershed / wetlands

Search by Call Number

A "call number" is a combination of characters assigned to a library book to indicate its place on a shelf within a specific area of law.

In addition to the "call number," JACOB, the Library catalog, lists the floor or "level" :

  • "SL" = Stack Level
  • "LL" = Lower Level

and a book's availabillity.

Call numbers relating to clean water law: