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Interlibrary Resource Sharing and Document Services at Jacob Burns Law Library

Setting up the Circulation and ILL proxy accounts

  • Each journal designates one journal member to serve as the proxy for circulation privileges at the law library and to request materials through the interlibrary loan system.  
  • The journal member establishes the circulation account, in the name of the journal, before establishing an interlibrary loan account. 

Circulation Proxy Account

  • Obtain proxy form online or at the library circulation desk.
  • IMPORTANT: A circulation proxy account does not work for Interlibrary Loan.  There is no proxy account system for ILL. 
  • The designated journal member must complete the form and have it signed by the advising faculty member for that journal. 
  • Journals have expanded library borrowing privileges that are not available to individual student accounts.
  • Any fines, fees, and/or penalties that accrue will be charged to the journal.  The proxy designee's individual account is not encumbered. 
  • If the proxy member and/or any journal student borrows items for the journal, on their individual account, they are liable for any fines, fees, penalties, university holds, library holds, etc. that may incur. 

Interlibrary Loan Journal Account

  • After the journal circulation account has been established, contact the Interlibrary loan department, via email,  to have an ILL account established. 
  • Provide the name of the responsible editor. 
  • Important:  Because interlibrary loan materials are the property of other libraries, the liability for fines, fees, etc. is not the same as the  circulation policy.
  • It is the designated editor's  responsibility to ensure the journal pays any fines, fees, and/or any associated costs are paid in a timely manner.  
  • The designated editor may be held individually responsible for these costs and may have holds placed against their library and University accounts.
  • Holds for recalls and/or overdue items may be placed on the individual library and interlibrary loan accounts as well as the journal library and interlibrary accounts.