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Video Creation Services

Contact Information

In-person: Media Center (Stockton 303)


Phone: 202-994-8210

Video Creation at GW Law

The Office of Instructional Technology offers support for comprehensive video creation services tailored to the needs of GW Law Faculty, Staff, and Students.Whether utilizing Zoom to create asynchronous learning material, or our professional studio equipment for high-quality production, we can provide technical support and guidance to assist content creators and subject matter experts with their projects.

What Video Services Are Available At GW Law?

Classroom Recordings
  • Academic recordings are scheduled through our automated recording system utilizing the classroom technology available in each space. Whether a specific class is recorded will be determined by each Professor's recording policy. Please see our guide on Creating Academic Recordings for more information. 

Event Recordings
  • Event recordings are also handled by our automated recording system utilizing the classroom technology available in each space. A/V services for events, including recording, need to be requested ahead of time. Please fill out our Event A/V form or check out our guide for more information. 
  • GW Law Faculty, Staff, and Students can use their GW Law Zoom account to create a variety of different video recordings to fit their needs. Faculty will have access to record directly to the cloud while staff and students will only have the option to record locally. See more in the section below or check out our Zoom guides listed here.

    Student Zoom Guide
    Faculty Zoom Guide 
Video Production in GW Law Studios
  • GW Law Faculty, Staff, and Students can reserve studio space and equipment to create high-quality produced content. See more in the section below or go directly to our Production Studios guide
Podcast Production in GW Law Studios
  • Create your own podcast in one of our quiet production studios with our all-in-one audio production setup. Post-production editing for podcasts produced in our studios is not offered at this time. 

Video & Audio Production


Zoom can be used as a versatile screen capture tool to create supplemental course material by pre-recording lectures or conducting interviews of guest speakers for asynchronous learning. The ability to screen share allows the user to include presentations, documents, or websites seamlessly while recording.

Production Studios

Our Production Studios can be used in a variety of ways to complete high-quality video and audio projects. These may include

  • Academic Course Content
  • Interactive Learning Modules
  • Mock Trials and Oral Arguments
  • Media Interviews
  • Web Conferencing
  • Podcast Recording
  • Content for GW Law Social Media Campaigns

Our spaces are flexible to bring in your own equipment or utilize the equipment we have available. Please visit our Production Studios guide to learn more or reserve a studio. 

Studio B

Video & Audio Post-Production

Heads & Tails Editing

Heads and Tails editing involves trimming the beginning and end of a video clip to remove unwanted footage. This type of editing is commonly used to improve the flow and pacing of your video by starting and ending content more smoothly, which is essential for keeping the viewer's attention focused. 

Based on the bandwidth and availability of the OIT team, we can offer to perform heads and tails editing on your video, enhancing its professional appearance. Please request by emailing with access to your video and timecodes for removal. 

Schedule A Consultation

Visit our Video Creation Calendar to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation, or book directly using the button below.