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Zoom for Learning

Licensed GW Law Zoom Accounts

All GW students are eligible for and receive a licensed Zoom Account.  GW Law student Zoom accounts are on the Law Zoom domain,

About the GW Law Zoom Domain

This domain is configured to work with instructional systems at the Law School. It relies on integrations with Canvas and the Kaltura media server.  These integrations enable the Zoom tab on Canvas course sites and facilitate Zoom academic recordings being made available to students on MediaSpace,

Law Student Zoom Accounts

All Law Students have a licensed GW Law Zoom account. This account allows law students to record meetings as local recordings.  If you follow the access directions on this page and cannot access your account, contact Law IT at

Please do not create your own account using your @law email address.

Law Students With a Teaching Role

Dean's Fellows and other law students with a teaching role are given Law Zoom accounts configured for teaching at GW Law.  These accounts allow law students with a teaching role to schedule Zoom academic lectures and/or record Zoom meetings to the media server.

If you are a law student with a teaching role and want to record a meeting but not have it go to the Law School's media server, change the meeting setting to 'local recording' during the meeting scheduling process.

For assistance with Law Zoom Accounts configured for teaching, contact the Office of Instructional Technology at

Need Help With Your GW Law Zoom Account

Contact the Law School's Office of Instructional Technology at

Why Use a Licensed GW Law Zoom Account

Using the GW Law Zoom Account for Class Zooms

You are not required to use a licensed GW Law Zoom account to join class lectures.  

Class Attendance & Participation Reports

Using your GW Law Zoom account, does help faculty track your class attendance and participation.  Zoom meeting reports are generated using participants' Zoom account information.  If you use your GW Law Zoom account, your name and @law email will appear on these reports.  Additionally, your display name during the meeting will appear as the name associated with your @law email.

Breakout Rooms

Faculty like to create predefined breakout rooms.  To accomplish this, all students must log on to the Zoom with their GW Law Zoom account.  Otherwise, you cannot be preassigned to a breakout room as the faculty do not have your personal Zoom account information.

Other Advantages to a GW Law Zoom Account

  • No time limit on meetings
  • Ability to invite up to 300 participants
  • Ability to record meetings [files stored locally on your device]


  1. Am I required to use my GW Law Zoom account to join a Zoom class lecture?

  2. If I am attending class meetings by using the Zoom on the Canvas course site, doesn't this indicate I am present for attendance purposes?
    No.  Zoom attendance reports list participants by the Zoom account information.  If you use a a non-GW Law Zoom account, the attendance report lists whatever email and name is associated with that personal account.  

How to Access Your GW Law Zoom Account

Sign In Through the Zoom App

  1. If you do not already have the Zoom app, go to to download it to your device.
  2. Once in the Zoom app, choose Sign-In With SSO or the GW sign in may automatically pop up in your browser.
  3. In the 'Your Company Domain' field, type law-gwu-edu.
  4. On the next screen, input your GW UserID and password.
  5. It will ask you to verify your identity. Follow the verification steps and you should then be signed in to Zoom.

Find more info on UserID here.

Sign in Through @law Email

  1. Sign in to your @law email account.
  2. Click the 9 dot menu, towards the top right corner.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and click the Zoom tile.

Screenshot of Google 9 dot menu in @law email, scrolled down to show the highlighted Zoom app.


Find information on how to sign in to your @law email account here.