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International Environmental Law

A basic guide to researching international environmental law.

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Terms for searching library catalogs, databases, and websites on negotiations and related topics include:

  • arctic marine environment
  • "basel convention" / transboundary "hazardous waste"
  • "climate change" / "international climate law" / "paris agreement"
  • deforestation / REDD+
  • energy "international environmental law"
  • environment "international trade"
  • "environmental conflict"
  • "environmental crime" / "green crime" / "wildlife crime" / CITES
  • "environmental treaties" / "transnational environmental regulation"
  • "european union" environment
  • "fishery law" / "marine protected areas"
  • "human rights" environment / "environmental justice" / "intergenerational equity"
  • "international disaster"
  • "law of the sea"
  • pollution "offshore oil"
  • "precautionary principle"
  • "project finance" / "technology transfer"
  • "sustainable development"

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