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District of Columbia (D.C.) Law

A guide to researching D.C. Law

Note: Historical Research

This page discusses current sources.
Historical D.C. regulations are discussed in the "Historical Research" section of this guide.

D.C. Administrative Procedure Act

Codified (Current) Regulations

Bluebook citation example: 

D.C. Mun. Regs. tit. 20, § 4305 (2005)

D.C. Mun. Regs. D.C. Municipal Regulations 

tit. 20 = Title number of D.C. Municipal Regulations; title numbers represent a topic

43 = Chapter number within D.C. Municipal Regulations title

4305 = Section number within the chapter of D.C. Municipal Regulations

2005 = Year of latest amended version of the regulation

Lexis Code Compare Tool

Use Lexis "Compare Versions" tool to compare editions of the D.C.M.R.  Text added in a newer version of the D.C.M.R. and text removed from an earlier version are highlighted.  The tool also is available for D.C. Code research.

Proposed & Final Regulations

Bluebook Table 1.3 (T1.3): Unites States Jurisdictions: States and the District of Columbia
Bluebook citation example: 

51 D.C. Reg. 1541 (April 16, 2004)

51 = Volume of the D.C. Register

D.C. Reg. = D.C. Register

1541 = D.C. Register page number

(April 16, 2004) = Date of D.C. Register issue

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