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U.S. Defense Procurement

Using Print Resources for Historical Research

Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

For superseded procurement regulations, check the appropriate CFR and Federal Register volumes.  Superseded FAR provisions and FAR supplements, like the DFARS, can be located in earlier editions of Title 48 of the CFR. 

Federal Acquisition Circulars (FACs), which revise the FAR, can be located in the Federal Register.  Additional information regarding changes is sometimes included in a "Summary of Items" section in older, select print FACs.

Armed Services Procurement Regulations (ASPR)

Issued under the Armed Services Procurement Act, the ASPR established defense procurement regulations and was in effect from 1948 to 1978. 

To find ASPR provisions, search either the CFR or the Federal Register.  The language found in the CFR or the Federal Register will be the same as the ASPR revisions released in print, but will not contain the "Notes Regarding Substantive Changes."  For that information, consult the proper print ASPR edition's revision.


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