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Case Law Resources

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How to Research Case Law

  • Reporters contain court opinions from the appellate level federal and state courts that are designated by the courts for publication, usually by court rule.

  • Federal Reporters contain opinions from federal courts.

  • State Reporters contain opinions from state courts.

  • Regional Reporters, published by West, contain court opinions from designated state regions.

  • Reporters are kept current by advance sheets, soft-bound pamphlets published before new bound volumes become available.

  • Digests are annotated indexes to reported cases, providing brief statements of court holdings or facts of the case, arranged by legal topic and subdivided by jurisdiction.

  • Digests can be used to locate cases by legal topic or by case name. They are updated by pocket parts and advance sheets.

Case Law Resources

Case Law Resources at Burns Law Library

The purpose of this research guide is to identify resources for locating case law. Case law refers to the law found in court decisions within a specific jurisdiction. It is distinguished from statutory law or administrative law.

View the research guide Finding Cases & Interpreting Citations (PDF) for more research strategies and information about case law.

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