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What is a "Call Number"?

A "call number" is a combination of characters assigned to a library book to indicate its place on a shelf.


Subject Guide to Call Numbers--U.S.

Abortion KF3771 (Regulation)
KF9315 (Criminal aspects)
Administrative law KF5401 - KF5425
Agency KF1345
Antitrust KF1631- KF1657
Banking KF966 - KF1032
Bankruptcy KF1506 – KF1536
Children—Legal status KF479
Civil procedure KF8810 - KF9086
Conflict of laws KF410 - KF418
Constitutional law KF4501 - KF5130
Contracts KF801 - KF1244
Copyright KF2994 - KF3086
Corporations KF1396 - KF1480
Criminal law KF9201 - KF9479
Criminal procedure KF9601 - KF9763
Dispute resolution KF9084
Energy law KF2120 - KF2140
Environmental KF3775 - KF3816
Evidence KF8931 - KF8968
Family law KF501 - KF554 (Domestic relations)
KF9322 - KF9324 (Domestic violence)
Gov/Public contracts KF841 - KF869
Health/Medical law KF3821 - KF3832
Immigration KF4801 - KF4848
Insurance KF1146 - KF1238
Jurisprudence K201 - K487
Juvenile justice KF9771 - KF9827
Labor and employment KF3301 - KF3580
Legal history KF350 - KF374
Legal research KF240 - KF247
Legal writing KF250
LLM Theses AS36.G3 [Historic Storage]
Military law KF7201 - KF7749
Patents T201 -T342 (Technological)
KF3096 - KF3165 (Law)
Professional responsibility/Legal ethics KF305 - KF314
Property KF560 - KF720
Real estate KF566 - KF698 K736 - K780
Remedies KF9010 - KF9070
Secured transactions KF1046 - KF1060
Securities KF1431 - KF1442
Social security KF3641 - KF3664
Tax KF6271 - KF6636
Torts KF1246 - KF1327
Trademarks KF3176 - KF3194
Trade regulation KF1600 - KF1668
Trial practice KF8911 - KF8925
Trusts and estates KF726 - KF780
U.S. Supreme Court KF8741 - KF8748
Women—Legal status KF477 - KF478

Call Numbers by Floor

Call # Range Floor
K 1-30 Lower Level 2 (LL2)
A-KEQ Stack Level 2 (SL2)
KF-KFZ Stack Level 3 (SL3)
KG-ZA Stack Level 1 (SL1)
Ready Reference Library (1st Floor)
Reference Library (1st Floor)
Course Reserve Library (1st Floor)
Reserve Library (1st Floor)
Historic Lower Level 2 (LL2)
Historic Storage Ask at Reference Desk
Rare Books Ask at Reference Desk
Storage & Uncat Storage Ask at Reference Desk

Call Numbers--Local Jurisdictions

D.C. KFD1201 - KFD1799
Maryland KFM1201 - KFM1799
Virginia KFV2401 - KFV2999