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Faculty Request for Complimentary Examination/Desk Copies

This guide provides guidance from publishers to request a complimentary book for review and/or examination. Consult the publishers website for complete details.


  • American Bar Association
    • Examination copies are provided in pdf, free of charge, and in print with a 30% discount.  The print copy charge is refunded if the text is adopted, within six months, for a course.
    • Desk copies are complimentary when a text has been adopted for a course.  
  • Aspen Publishing Co. (CCH/Wolters Kluwer)
    • Please go to the legal education page and then search or browse for the book you are interested in. You can search by ISBN, author, title, or keyword. Once on the product page, click the "Professor Review" button and fill out the form. 
  • Bloomberg Publishing
    • Examination copies are provided with a 25% discount.
    • Desk copies are provided, complimentary,  if the text is adopted for a course and a firm order has been placed. 
  • Brill Academic
    • Examination copies are provided with a 25% discount
    • Desk copies are provided, complimentary,  if the text is adopted for a course and a firm order has been placed. 
  • Carolina Academic Press
    • Complimentary copies are provided to faculty, for adoption consideration, who have never previously received copies.
  • Cambridge University Press
    • "If you are a professor and would like to enquire about Cambridge University Press’ range of academic textbooks, please contact the relevant sales rep. To help us to respond effectively to your enquiry, please provide details of your course, including the title, course number, start date and approximate student enrollment as well as your contact information.  We prefer street addresses as we use courier service to deliver examination copies."
  • Harvard University Press
    • "In order to assist faculty in their course book decisions, we offer exam copies online or, in some cases, physical editions. All exam copies are provided at HUP’s discretion. We do not process exam copy requests via telephone or email."