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Digital Signage

Reach Digital Signage Overview

This guide provides a clear overview of the Reach Digital Signage system's functionalities, navigation options, content submission procedures, and support contact information for users.

The Reach Digital Signage system is the preferred and supported platform for informational displays across various groups and departments at the Law School. The system consists of two main types of displays: touchscreens arranged vertically and announcement TVs arranged horizontally. Touchscreens feature interactive navigation with tabs and buttons, while announcement TVs display general announcements and scrolling events.

Interactive Screens

Events: The Events tab is linked to the USI room reservation system for event scheduling.

Directory: The Directory provides faculty/staff information, extensions, room numbers, and location maps.

Alumni: The Alumni tab presents brief biographies of distinguished alumni.

Services: The Services tab displays service information, office extensions, room numbers, and location maps.

Scan & Go: Scan & Go button displays a QR code for linking the touchscreen experience with your cell phone.

Events Tab

 Events from the USI room reservation system.  


 Directory Tab

Directory scrolling for faculty/staff info.

 Alumni Tab

Alumni with brief biographies of distinguished alumni.


 Services Tab

Services information.


 Scan & Go Tab - QR Tab

Scan and Go QR code.

Horizontal TVs

Horizontal TVs are used for general announcements and event promotions.

General Announcements: General announcements are managed by the Communications Office. Featuring posters and text announcements must be submitted with start and end dates. General announcements TVs are provisioned with a zone for scrolling events linked to the USI room reservation system.

Horizontal TV Screen - General Annoucements

 General announcements - horizontal screen

Dedicated Screens: Law Library, Research and Publications, Office of Instructional Technology, Career Center, Field Placement and Student Bar Association have dedicated screens for specific use. The respective department or the Communications Office maintains the content.

Support Information

For technical support or inquiries regarding Reach Digital Signage, please email;

For content submissions, please contact the Communications Office.

Note: Posters and text announcements must be submitted with start and end dates. Please adhere to content submission guidelines and ensure accurate and timely information for display. For any further assistance, please contact the Office of Instructional Technology.