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GW Identity

GW's Identity and Access Management (IAM)

This service helps to create, maintain, and secure your digital identity while at the University. Your identity is comprised of elements that identify you as a member of the GW community.  More information on your GW Identity is available here:

Claiming Your Identity

Instructions for claiming your GW Identity and setting up two-step authentication are available here:


Your UserID is the ID that you'll use to log in to GW resources.  For users who claimed their GW Identity after May 22, 2022: Your UserID is your GWID.


 A GWID is an alpha-numeric value used to identify you within GW's administrative systems, and is required to access GW IT resources. Your GWID is the letter G followed by an 8-digit number.

GW Email Account

Email Account Creation Process

When you claim your GW IDENTITY and select a password, a university email address will be generated along with a law school email address.  

Law School Email

Access your Law School email at

Below is a video demonstrating how to access your Law School email by using the Law School website (




Video: How to Access GW email


We recommend that you forward your email to your email. 

GMail forwarding instructions

Wireless Network


When you are on campus you can use the wireless configuration utility on your specific device to connect to the internet.  The name of the wireless network is GWireless.  Most devices will simply ask you to provide your UserID and password to connect.


How to Download Software

Select software and business apps are available to all students at The George Washington University.  A complete list with download information is available on the GW Information Technology website.