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Government Contracts Resources

Guide to U.S. government contracts law in print and online.

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How to Research Government Contracts


Library Catalogs


Using JACOB to Find Government Contracts Resources

Search by Call # Range:

  • KF841 - KF869.5

Search by Subject Heading:

Key Search Terms:

  • Government contracts
  • Government procurement
  • Public procurement
  • Federal acquisition regulation

Bluebook Rules

  • R14.2: Rules, Regulations, and Other Publications

  • T1.2: Federal Administrative and Executive Materials

Interpreting Citations

Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals:

An example of an Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals decision is Grumman Aerospace Corp., ASBCA No. 48282, 98-2 BCA ¶ 29,943. 

  • Grumman Aerospace Corp. = Case name
  • ASBCA = Bluebook abbreviation for Armed Service Board of Contract Appeals
  • No. = Bluebook abbreviation for number
  • 48282 = Decision number
  • 98-2 = Reporter number (first two numbers indicate year of decision)
  • BCA = Bluebook abbreviation for Board of Contract Appeals Decisions
  • ¶ 29,943 = Paragraph number of decision

    Decisions of the Comptroller General:

    Decisions may be published in either the Comptroller General's Procurement Decisions (CPD) or the Decisions of the Comptroller General of the United States.  An example of a Comptroller General's Procurement Decisions citation is Gemini Industries, Inc., B-281323, 99-1 CPD ¶ 22 (Comp. Gen. Jan. 25, 1999).

    • Gemini Industries, Inc. = Protesting party
    • B-281424 = Comptroller General file "B" number
    • 99-1 = Reporter number (first two numbers indicate year of decision)
    • CPD = Comptroller General's Procurement Decisions
    • ¶22 = Paragraph number of decision
    • Comp. Gen. = Bluebook abbreviation for Comptroller General
    • Jan. 25, 1999 = Date

    An example of a Decisions of the Comptroller General of the United States citation is Kiewit Western Co., 65 Comp. Gen. 54 (1985).

    • Kiewit Wester Co. = Protesting party
    • 65 = Reporter volume number
    • Comp. Gen. = Bluebook abbreviation for Decisions of the Comptroller General of the United States
    • 54 = Page number where decision starts
    • 1985 = Year of decision

      Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR):

      An example of a Federal Acquisition Regulation citation is FAR 16.405-2.

      • FAR = Federal Acquisition Regulation
      • 16 = Part
      • 4 = Subpart
      • 05 = Section
      • 2 = Subsection

      To cite to a historical FAR section, include the appropriate year in a paranthetical: FAR 17.109 (2008).

      Federal Claims Reporter:

      An example of a cite to a decision in the Federal Claims Reporter is 92 Fed. Cl. 737 (2010).

      • 92 = Reporter volume number
      • Fed. Cl. = Bluebook abbreviation for Federal Claims Reporter
      • 737 = Page number where decision starts
      • 2010 = Year of decision

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        Deciphering Acronyms and Abbreviations

        Commonly Used:

        • ASBCA
          (Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals)
        • CBCA
          (Civilian Board of Contract Appeals)
        • DFARS
          (Department of Defense FAR Supplement)
        • FAC
          (Federal Acquisition Circular)
        • FAR
          (Federal Acquisition Regulation)
        • Fed. Cl.
          (United States Court of Federal Claims)

        Reference Resources: