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International Anti-Corruption Resources

Guide to digital and print resources relating to international anti-corruption law.

Using JACOB to Find International Anti-Corruption Resources

One of the first places to consider starting is with the library's catalog, JACOB. The catalog search engine provides all kinds of filters and search features to find exactly what you're looking for. Start with the Advanced Search feature:

Image of Library Catalog

And then choose applicable terms and words to search by.  You can also filter by subject, title, author, etc. If you need to filter by time frame, language, or format, look to the right-hand corner. It's important to know where you're searching too:

  • JACOB means print materials (mostly books) held in the library's collection.

  • JACOB+ means print materials AND articles held in the library's collection.

  • Course Reserves are simply books held on reserve a professors' request for their courses.

  • WRLC is the Washington Research Library Consortium that consists of about 13 local libraries (we have a speedy lending agreement among this group of institutions). Search here for your broadest reach.

Search by Library of Congress Call Number Range:

JACOB has a filter for searching for items this way.

This is the Call Number range for the topic of International Anti-Corruption:

  • K5233
  • KF9351

Search by Library of Congress Subject Headings:

You can also search by the following subject headings. Just type any of these into the search bar and filter to "Subject" OR click on the links below. 

Key Search Terms

Useful search terms to be used when searching by keyword within library catalogs, databases, and search engines for information related to international anti-corruption include:

  • Bribery
  • Corrupt practices
  • False claims
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Qui tam

Bluebook Rules

  • R12: Statutes

  • R14: Administrative and Executive Materials

  • T1: United States Jurisdictions

  • T3: Intergovernmental Organizations

  • T4: Treaty Sources