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Delivering Instruction In Inclement Weather and Other Emergencies


If you are switching today’s class to a Zoom class, below are instructions for scheduling your Zoom and making the Zoom recording available to the class.  If you need any assistance, please contact

Class Recording

Your GW Law licensed Zoom account is configured to auto-record.  


1) After the session has concluded, you will receive an email from Zoom titled Cloud Recording (example pictured below).

Zoom cloud recording email notification

2) Forward that email to with your course and section number and any specific instructions.


3) The Media Center will process the recording and will address any specific instructions.  

How to Setup Zoom in Canvas

1) Go to your Canvas course site.


2) Click on Zoom found on the left-hand side of your course site navigation


3) On the top right-hand corner, click on Schedule a New Meeting button


Zoom in Canvas screen with Zoom click and schedule a new meeting button highlighted

Note:  Please do not change the Topic title as that is pre-populated for your course information.


4) Select the appropriate Date and Time of your class Zoom session


5) When you are done, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save


6) To verify the session has been scheduled, click on Zoom found on the left-hand side of your course site navigation.


To start the Zoom session, click on the START button found next to the scheduled session.


Zoom in Canvas screen with meeting start button highlighted

Your students will now see the Zoom link under their Zoom button found on their left-hand course navigation menu.  They will just need to click on Join to join the Zoom session.


Scheduling a Zoom in Canvas Video Guide

Communication with Your Students

You can either use course Announcements or your class Google Group to notify your students of the virtual session.


For Course Announcements


1) Click on Announcements found on your course site homepage.

2) Click on the +Announcement button found in the top right-hand corner.

canvas announcements page


3) Type in a Topic Title and compose your message for your students in the text box.


4) When completed, scroll down and click on the Publish button to make the announcement


For Google Groups


1) Log in to your @law email account


2) Click on Compose found in the top left-hand corner


3) Type the email address for your specific class Google Group.  The format of the Google Group is course number-section  For example, for 9999-10 Web Portal Law, the email address would be  


4) Compose your message to your students


5) Click on Send to email your students