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Technologies For Asynchronous Instruction

Why Record Asynchronous Content

Due to the potential for extended recording processing times for posting to classes, we recommend creating pre-recorded, asynchronous content that can be made available before a class meeting. Any content that is static and normally will not change should be used in creating asynchronous videos.

Technology recommendations to help you create these recordings can be found here [link to What Equipment Do I Need?]. By pre-recording content for your lecture, you may focus on using class time for discussion as well as to minimize any technological interruptions.

The Office of Instructional Technology can support adding asynchronously created media using the following platforms:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Kaltura Capture

Asynchronous Video Guidelines

  • Keep them short (10-15 minute chucks).
  • For each module, try to keep the overall video content to under an hour.
  • Consider linking concepts of the asynchronous videos to other learning activities (for example: discussion board postings based on content learned from videos watched).