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U.S. Energy Law: Electricity

The focus of this guide is federal regulation of electricity.

Executive Orders (EOs) & Memoranda

Executive orders (EOs) relate to the conduct of government business or to the organization of executive agencies and can be revised, revoked and amended by later EOs. 


  • Exec. Order No. 13783, Promoting Energy Independence and Promoting Economic Growth 82 Fed. Reg. 16093 (2017)
  • Exec. Order No. 13604, Improving Performance of Federal Permitting and Review of Infrastructure Projects 77 Fed. Reg. 18885 (2012).

Memoranda, also called Presidential Letters, are generally issued from the President to the heads of executive departments or agencies.


  • Memorandum of June 7, 2013. Transforming Our Nation’s Electric Grid Through Improved Siting, Permitting, and Review 78 Fed. Reg. 35539 (2013).

Finding Documents by Type

How to check the current status of an E.O.? See the Executive Order Disposition Tables

Published by the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA), the Disposition Tables list the status of executive orders from 1933 to date. 

How to locate an E.O.? See one of the following:

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