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U.S. Energy Law: Electricity

The focus of this guide is federal regulation of electricity.

Orders & Decisions

FERC Dockets

When a proceeding is initiated by FERC, a docket number is assigned to the proceeding.  

FERC Docket-Prefix List  provides a list of prefixes and definitions, and identifies the eLibrary Library where proceedings can be found.


  • CP18-65-000
  • ER15-2680-007

CP = Type of proceeding - "Certificates for Pipelines"
ER = Type of proceeding - "Electric Rates"

To retrieve a filing from FERC eLibrary, it is helpful to have:

  • Date of filing
  • Docket number
  • Party making the filing

James H. McGrew. FERC: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, at 248 (2d ed., 2009).

Federal & State Court Decisions

Other resources for locating federal and state court decisions are identified in the "Related Guides" box on this page.

Federal & State Court Dockets

Federal Court Dockets:

State Court Dockets:

Coverage of state dockets in subscription databases is limited.  Some court websites provide free access to their dockets.


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